If you encountered any difficulties issues (unwell or emergency), please DM us your Name and Contact No. Disclaimer: We will remove your personal information before posting.

Disclaimer: Confession House Rules and Filter Preferences

  1. 攻击性的文字将会被过滤

  2. Offensive words will be filtered.

  3. 争议性的议题将会被*起, 适合的才会发出来 2.Topics which are argumentative will be asterisked unless appropriate.

  4. 希望同学们在作出任何投诉时尽量不用一些不适当的文字 3.Confessors are advised to not use indecent words in any confession.

  5. 本页实践言论自由, 各位的言论虽不受到限制与审查,但以非匿名方式投稿/评论的同学,需为自己的发言负责。

  6. XMUMCP seeks to provide an unrestricted platform for freedom of speech. XMUMCP does not represent any commentary made by students who confessed/commented without being anonymized.

  7. 本页禁止所有买卖活动,除了校内宣传或校外宣传之外,其他的买卖po文都会被过滤掉。

  8. XMUM Confession Page bans all types of trading activity. Any post submission that is related to trading activities will be rejected.

  9. 问卷:名字科系学号科目教授主题目的文案 少一个不给你过 非学术性质不给你过 需要填个人资料不给你过 For survey/questionnaire, please include your full details in the submission or else we won't approve it. Name/ID/Subject/Lecturer/Topic/Purpose/Target Audience/Brief intro/... We will not approve nonacademic related survey as well.

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